Time for ODM to kick-out Loud Mouthed Edwin Sifuna

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After suffering two embarrassing defeats in Ugenya and Embakasi South, seats held by ODM before the 2017 elections, some people believe it is time for the party to kick out loud-mouthed Secretary General Edwin Sifuna.


Sifuna is the senior most employee of one of the greatest political parties in Kenya. He is the spokesperson. He should be leading the party. But he has chosen to do the complete opposite.

Instead of coming up with a genius campaign plan for the two by-elections, Sifuna led ODM on a mission of insulting Ruto. They accused their opponents of being sponsored by the Deputy President.

How can you impeach a Deputy President, when you can’t even deliver a seat in your party’s stronghold? We have also not forgotten how Sifuna has been fighting Aisha Jumwa.

They say that in politics, you should win every battle. But Sifuna has been taking on everyone on social media, including nobodies like Boni Khalwale.

How can @TheODMparty choose somebody who is a looser to lead them ? @edwinsifuna lost Kanduyi parliamentary by election and Nairobi senatorial election terribly ! Sifuna has lost several times, he himself is a loser and he is busy expelling ODM members ! pic.twitter.com/LzqixG90Oj— Amedo Shair (@AmedoShair) April 7, 2019

ODM is currently on its deathbed, Sifuna has played a huge role in taking the party to the gutters. It is only right that he steps aside to let others handle his mess.

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