Kenya a murderers’ paradise? Sickening stats

Murder cases are on the rise and this has raised an alarm as Kenyans seek answers, justice and solution to put an end to this brutality.

If these statistics are to go by, Female Activists Sceoffer Okore says that there has been 35 cases of reported femicide in Kenyan Dailies from January to date.

35 lives of only the covered stories considering that they could be more that never made it to the headlines.

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Apart from depression, murder is yet another monster that is mercilessly wiping out generations.

A crime report in the 2018 Economic Survey shows there were 2,774 murder incidents in 2017 as compared to 2,751 in 2016, 2,648 in 2015, 2,649 in 2014 and 2,878 in 2013.

The sad part is that when such cases are reported, the reaction from a section of Kenyans is devastating and insensitive.

Having a look at the Kenyan ladies that were brutally killed, a day ago, it was Ivy Wangeci last year Sharon Otieno was in the headlines too and people go even further to raise statements that imply ‘they deserved it’.

The fear that you could be the next should send a signal murder is an issue that should be addressed to the core.

From the many murder cases we have heard of since the year began, there has been love gone sour stories, gang rape incidents and more to the unsolved puzzles.

This is just a look into some of the stories.

Joseph Karue and Judy Mungai in a Kiambu court yesterday /STANLEY NJENGA


Who killed Mary Wambui ?

A couple months ago, Kori and Wangui were arraigned in a Kiambu court but did not take plea. Police were allowed to hold them for 14 days for investigations.

At the heart of the police investigations is the mystery of how the two women rivalling for Kori’s heart joyfully spent an afternoon together before Wambui was murdered inside the mistress’ apartment and her body dumped in a dam off Toll Station on Thika Road, next to Courtesy Beach Hotel.


Police have launched investigations after a middle aged woman and her 13-year old daughter were murdered in their home near Sanctuary Farm.

Their decomposing bodies were found by neighbours in their locked house after going missing for close to a week.

Initial investigations indicated that they were sexually abused by their attackers before they were murdered using a blow to the back of their heads.


Girl, 14, dies after gang rape in nairobi, body doused with acid

Four women have been arrested after a Standard Seven girl was gang-raped, doused with acid and killed in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Among those in police custody is the pupil’s 28-year-old aunt Nathifa Mohamed.

“The girl is suspected to have been gang-raped and murdered in the house where she lived with her aunt Nathifa Mohamed in Eastleigh,” human rights activist Florence Kanyua said on Wednesday.

As much as the highlighted stories are more inclined to women who were murdered, this vice has equally affected men.

Man killed by gang hired by girlfriend to ‘discipline him’

A 21-year-old college student hired five men to discipline her lover following a domestic dispute but the attackers killed him instead, the Nyeri High Court heard on Thursday.

The court was told that Ms Esther Wambui, a student at Utalii College in Nairobi, masterminded the murder of her lover Dennis Okumu who was a matatu tout in Githurai.

The question of gender in relation to murder is yet another big debate that has resulted to an ugly conversation.

And after the recent reports of the alarming statistics of women who have been murdered a tweep asked this:

This clearly tells alot on so many levels and maybe it is even a question of our attitudes towards addressing such vices.

What needs to be done to bring an end to the murder cases?

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