‘Ladies beware of men who always talk about Lungula!’ Trendy Nairobi Pastor Burale warns

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Trendy pastor Robert Burale has warned men against staying with ladies who only call when they need favours.

According to the preacher, the most dangerous kind of woman is the type that always asks for cab or bus fare whenever they want to visit their lovers.

Speaking to Citizen TV, the dapper chap hinted men should not feel like they are obliged to dish out money whenever their women ask.

“If she only calls you and sounds nice and sexy on phone before she goes to the salon then there is a problem,” he said.

According to the fashionable man of the cloth, women should also stay away from lovers who only call at odd hours in the night.

“If the man only calls you and speaks with a bass after 10pm there is a problem,” he added. Burale also cautioned ladies against staying with men who are obsessed with bedroom matters.

“You have to see the red flags. The problem is, sometimes when you are in love, red flags often appear to be purple,” he joked.

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