Ken Okoth bashes rumor mongers responsible for his death

Kibra MP Ken Okoth who’s undergoing cancer treatment abroad, is the latest victim to be killed by the internet.

He has come out dispel rumors that he is dead.

Ken took to social media and wrote a message on social media after numerous inquiries from friends.

It read:

I’m alive and kicking. Folks should stop killing me before my time with rumours. #TheBestIsYetToCome #IAmASurvivor #WeShallOverCome

One Polycarp Hinga who is very famous on social media even sent his condolence to the member of parliament.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-09 at 13.03.53

Moses Kuria has come out to bash Polycarp for spreading fake news.

For those people in Government who sponsor one Polycarp Hinga to sell Fake News. Tell your boy it’s immoral to spread fake news that Hon Ken Okoth is dead.

Hon Okoth is a lion. You just have no idea what steel he is made of. Washenzi

Kibra MP Ken Okoth had revealed that he is suffering from Colorectal stage 4 cancer, adding that he can only manage it given that it was discovered too late.

Okoth had abdominal pain and weight loss.  For over a year, he was treated for ulcers and bacterial infection. He was also put on drugs to manage stress.

“God cannot give you a test that you can’t pass. This I have learnt over the last two years of being sick and adjusting to a “new normal” in my personal and public life,” Okoth said on his facebook wall.

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