How to handle a snob

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Is there someone in your environment thats hard to deal with over their snobbish character.

Snobs accord exaggerated importance to one or more superficial traits such as wealth, social status, beauty, or academic credentials. They perceive people with those traits to be of higher human worth.

To deal with this character in a way that you beat them in their own game and avoid own rise of temper due to loss of patience and anger, practice the following habits.

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Don’t allow yourself to feel inferior. When someone is a snob, they work hard to make the people around them feel inferior, or less than them. If you refuse to allow anyone to make you feel like less of a person than you are, then their snobbish behavior won’t have that effect on you.[

  • Snobs will often use material things or social status as a means of setting themselves above you. If you look at yourself as an equal to the snob, and don’t let their bragging or snobbish behavior make you feel small, then they might recognize this, and move on to someone else, or lessen the behavior.
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Avoid overreacting. Rather than going with the instinct to be rude back to this person, or to get irritated around them, go out of your way to be polite to them instead. Smile and engage with them like you don’t think they are snobbish at all. This will at least make time with them easier to handle.

  • The saying “kill them with kindness” can apply when dealing with a snob. Someone might feel less inclined to be snobbish to you if all you are giving them is kindness and politeness.
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Prove them wrong. Sometimes, someone might act like a snob towards you because they believe stereotypes about you, regarding anything from your level of education to the neighborhood you live in. Of course, stereotypes are often untrue, so rather than getting mad, just prove the person wrong. Show them you are not what they believe you to be.

  • For example, if someone is acting like a snob because they went to university and you went to a community college, engage with them in an intelligent conversation, and show them that you are not unintelligent just because of where you went to school.
  • If you challenge the view someone has on you, they will be forced to reevaluate the ideas they have about you, and the stereotypes they have already formed about you.
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Change your own behavior. You absolutely do not have to change who you are just because of one person’s bad behavior, but changing your behavior just on the short-term might help make time with this person more bearable, for your own sake. If this is a co-worker, for example, then just moderate your behavior while you are interacting with them at work.

  • For example, if this particular person seems to go out of their way to put you down, avoid giving them the opportunity to do so. Avoid topics of conversation that usually lead to them bragging or talking themselves up.

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