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From Turkana funds allegedly being stolen in musician Ringtone’s home to a 13 year old boy committing suicide and fake traffic cops being gunned down, Kenyans were more shocked by an evil meat business in existence.


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Controversial gospel artist Ringtone’s home allegedly was broken into.He exclusively cites that he was out taking down a cup of coffee with a former secular artist, Jaguar, at the time.

Dogs drugged and watchmen tied up is what the artist came to in the evening, at his home.

Delicate documents, bundles of cash and a safety box were among the valuables the artist has lost.

Further on, he reveals that the sum of money he has been robbed is up to 1-2 Million Kenyan shillings.

According to the singer, the money was to fend the Turkana hunger victims.


13-year-old boy commits suicide after his mother accused him of stealing rice

A 13-year-old boy from Rurii village in Mwea West, Kirinyaga County, on Sunday committed suicide after his mother accused him of stealing rice from area residents.

Confirming the incident, Wamumu location Chief Godfrey Mithamo said the Class Seven pupil at Rurii Primary School hung himself using a rope in his uncle’s rented house.


Three suspects shot dead after allegedly kidnapping UN official in Machakos

Three suspected highway robbers were Monday gunned down by police after allegedly hijacking a United Nations (UN) official at Mukuyuni area in Machakos County.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the suspects were in a five-man gang and were found masquerading as traffic police officers along Machakos – Kitui Road.

Upon being ambushed by detectives, the suspects allegedly declined to surrender, prompting the officers to open fire.


A confession by a man who used to be a butcher has shocked many after he revealed how he used to treat his meat with corpse preservative in City mortuary.

He added that he used to mix rotten and fresh meat, and sell to unsuspecting clients.

His confession has unmasked the rot in Kenya’s hospitality businesses.

After the confession many people have come out to share their experience they had with the deadly meal

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