The Grand Tour: Is Newbie John taking over Jeremy Clarkson’s job?

You better watch out Jeremy Clarkson, your new best mate John might be after your job on The Grand Tour, and is already impressing the troops.

The TV host created a car as part of his latest mission in Mongolia, with James May and Richard Hammond already trying to figure out what to do.

In Survival Of The Fattest, the guys were tasked with meagre rations fit for a vegan and told to build a car to get them out of the desert.

Being put to the ultimate test, ‘John The Mountaineer’ was soon put to the test, and it didn’t take long for him to live up to his name.

Bouncing up and down like he’s on a bouncy castle, Jeremy Clarkson looks like a kid on a fairground ride as he woots and hollers his way across the Mongolian terrain.

Jeremy Clarkson rides self-made car in Mongolia
John the Mountaineer is our new favourite (Picture: Amazon)

‘That is a remarkable sight!,’ Richard Hammond admitted, clearly impressed by the car’s stamina.

Seemingly attached to his new motor machine pal already, Jeremy cooed: ‘What a machine you are John!’ as they continued their hike.

He might have been falling apart, but it doesn’t matter too much, as Jez cheered him after completing his trip – minus one brake pad.

Jeremy Clarkson rides self-made car in Mongolia
Jeremy looks like he’s having a whale of a time (Picture: Amazon)

‘That’s the first car to ever pogo up a hill,’ added James. Clearly impressed.

You’re our new fave, John <3.

As the show gets ready to wrap up for another series, Jeremy has warned that the fun and games of the show will take a back seat next week for a ‘profoundly sad’ episode.

The season three finale will also marks the last ever episode to have a studio format, with the planned season four set to comprise of only road-trip specials.

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