Kenya Beauty Wins The Miss Ateker Teso Crown

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A Kenyan woman has added a tag to the Kenyan women by winning the Maden Miss Ateker. The event drew participants from Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda.

The winner, 22-year-old Hellen Ajulu, from Katelenyang in Teso South surpassed other seven contestants for the Miss Ateker crown that was held in Amagoro, Teso North Sub-County, Busia County.

Ajulu takes the crown from Oprah Winny Alamo from Uganda who won the maiden title crown last year.

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First runners up went to Opollo Asere Nelly from North Teso who is a third-year political science student at the University of Nairobi.

Miss Ateker is a beauty pageant that stands for culture, peace and unity which is a unifying factor of the six Ateker communities.

They include the Teso (both in Kenya and Uganda), Karamojong’ from Uganda, the Jie from Uganda,Toposa from South Sudan, Turkana from Kenya and the Nyangatom from Ethiopia.

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Ajulu will represent the Ateker African chapter in Germany for Miss World Ateker contest which will have the larger Ateker unison from all over the world.

The event was graced by The Iteso cultural union Prime Minister Paula Sande Emolot, CAS Foreign Affairs Ababu Namwamba, Teso North MP Dr Oku Kaunya, Turkana Senator Ikal Charles and Busia’s First Lady Judy Ojaamong among other dignitaries.

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