“Alcohol ruined my career.”Award winning Kenyan Journalist states

Former feted Journalist,Tom Mboya

His voice and face was familiar to very house hold in the republic and whenever he graced the prime time news,he would command respect and attention from the viewers and colleagues as well. He was force to reckon with in the media industry.

Tom Mboya

Tom Mboya’s story is one among many of high ranking journalists who rose to stardom and came falling down with a thud.

Tom Mboya with family

Mboya recieved the coveted CNN Journalist of the Year Award 2012  and a Global Leaders Award in 2013 then his fortunes started to dwindle after being poached by K24 TV from Citizen TV and from there his life would be on a downward spiral.

Tom Mboya being feted by CNN

Alcohol was a part of his journey and almost destroyed him. he has been sober for 10 years now though and said that his dad also struggled with alcohol.

He thought that the tipple was cool.He had a good job, and money, and so he drank! It became a habit, then started to use it as a coping mechanism and before he knew it, he was completely stuck.

“I got pancreatitis. I was hospitalised for some time and was in a coma for a month. There is a topic in Economics called Commitment Advantage that something bad sometimes happens to you to protect you. It was because of pancreatitis that I had to stop drinking. If it had not happened, I would be dead. Alcohol was going to kill me “Mboya said

He says that he has no regrets because in life, when you look back in retrospect, you may have lost something valuable, but you pick the lessons from it. He also thinks in God’s scheme of things, it is OK. You fall down seven times, wake up eight. Those mistakes are part of success.

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