How Babu Owino is fighting poverty in Embakasi East

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has revealed his strategy to fight poverty in his constituency.

The Member of parliament says that he has been doing this by seeking opportunities for the youth that will in turn boost their living standards.

Babu Owino has today revealed that after a successful lobby effort, the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) has recruited 10 youth from Embakasi East on short term contracts.

The youth have already began work in Embakasi Ward and Babu Owino looks forward to working with the management of KAA to find more opportunities for our young people to engage in meaningful work.

Babu Owino had earlier mentioned that Cocacola provided 51 jobs KEMSA offered jobs and Kenya Airports Authorityalso offered 17 spaces.

During the campaign period in last year’s general elections, he vowed to the people of Embakasi East that he would prioritize youth employment in his agenda as a Member of parliament.

The statistics of youth unemployment is still high and Kenyans are fighting to ensure that they hustle to earn a living.

The MP reiterated his commitment to fight poverty mercilessly until all the youth have a chance to change their lives.

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