How Shameless ODM Members Linked David Ochieng to Chris Msando’s Murder

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On 28th June 2017, less than nine days into the General Elections, the country was shocked with news that IEBC’s ICT director had been murdered. Technology was going to play a key role in the elections.

Msando’s murder was going to shape the politics of Ugenya constituency. Then MP, Chris Ochieng who was defending his sit on an MDG ticket.

The ODM Party, which had kicked Ochieng had fielded Chris Karan. But things did not end there, ODM decided to smear Ochieng’s name with Msando’s murder.

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Ochieng, who was re-elected on Friday, revealed how Karan mobilized youth allied to the ODM party to prevent him from attending Msando’s funeral.

“This was the lowest moment during the campaigns, but I told my people to leave it to God,” Ochieng was quoted in a report by the Standard.

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As it has always been the norm with ODM, they painted Ochieng as a Jubilee mole in 2017 even though the Jubilee Party fielded a candidate in the elections.

Ahead of Friday’s by elections, ODM members led by James Orengo branded Ochieng a William Ruto mole and warned Wananchi against voting for him.

He still went ahead and triumphed in the elections, beating Chris Karan hands down.

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