The Size of Thesis Justice Ojwang Submitted for His PhD will Put Yours To Shame

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In September 2015, University of Nairobi  held a graduation ceremony where thousands were awarded degrees in the respective fields they had qualified in. Among the many graduands was one Jackton Boma Ojwang; A lawyer and an associate justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya, who became the first law doctorate (PHD) graduate in the history of UoN.

The most interesting thing with Mr. Jackton Ojwang, was the size of thesis he had submitted for his final examinations. Wow! just Wow.

Jackton Ojwang 1
Jackton Ojwang 2

Close enough..?
Here is Mr. Jacton Ojwang, the brain behind the bulk of a thesis.

Jackton Boma Ojwang 1
Jackton Boma Ojwang 3
Jackton Boma Ojwang 5
Jackton Boma Ojwang 6
Jackton Boma Ojwang 7
Jackton Boma Ojwang 2

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