Are Big Sean and ASAP Rocky working on a new song together?

After a self-imposed hiatus, Big Sean recently returned with a message to his followers, detailing his longstanding battle with anxiety. Upon gaining a deeper perspective, Sean promised the “best music of his life” was yet to come. Not long after, Sean previewed some of that very music, dealing with some a grown-man-business on wax. Now, Sean continues to stoke the flames of hype, taking to Instagram to share a few behind-the-scenes pictures of his latest studio session.  

Opting to let the picture go caption less, Big Sean revealed that he’s been cooking up with none other than A$AP Rocky. While it’s difficult to discern whether the track is meant for Sean’s upcoming album, all signs point to yes. After all, the pair have previously linked up on occasion, most recently on the A$AP Mob track “Frat Rules.” It might be difficult to discern any context from what we have, but an imaginative viewer might conjure a narrative of sorts:

Photo one, A$AP lays down his verse. Photo two, he listens back to his creation, pleased at a job well done. Good job Rocky!

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