Petroleum shortage bites threatening to paralyse Four major counties

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A shortage of petroleum products has hit Nakuru, Nyandarua, Kericho and Bomet nearly paralyzing transport in the affected counties.

The media established that the shortage has lasted for over three days.


A spot check by media on Wednesday revealed that most fuel stations had little fuel, as dealers said there was a supply hitch at Nakuru’s Kenya pipeline depot.

Majority of the stations reported depleted stocks of the precious commodity.

“We have an acute shortage especially of super petrol. It is as a result of a shortage at the Nakuru depot. We are now forced to survive with the little that we have,” said Mr John Karanja, a dealer in Nakuru Town.


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Major outlets including Oilibya, Riva, Kobil, Total Kenya reported dwindling stocks of petrol with operators expressing fears that the shortage might continue for a couple of days.

The most affected were boda-boda operators who mainly depend on petrol.

“We have been forced to source the product from the few petrol stations that still have the stocks. The situation has really grounded us,” said Mr James Arita, a boda-boda operator.

Meanwhile, controversy rocked the Kenya Pipeline Company in Nakuru when the Independent Petroleum Dealers demanded proper services as mandated by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

Mr Henry Koech, the chairman of private petroleum dealers, on Wednesday said the shortage of petroleum products had paralysed services in most parts of the region and the issue is getting out of hand.


He claimed the Nakuru depot serves interests of a few individuals and asked the government to address the matter urgently.

“We have been paying levies all the way but when it comes to our business, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining CS John Munyes show very little or rather no concern. We’ve been suffering since December last year with only the multinationals benefiting,” lamented Mr Koech.

He said the government should come clear on whether there is a shortage of products at KPC and who is responsible as well as how long the crisis is going to last.

Mr Ndwati Njenga, a dealer in western region that includes Kisumu, Kisii, Kakamega and Bungoma, said the current retail and wholesale prices stand at the same level with no margin in between.


He said the ERC should be clear on the pricing formula since it has the duty to protect the interests of investors, consumers and other stakeholders.

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