“Forgive me Raila, I will never insult you again,” City Politician begs

Politics can create enmity and friendship in equal measure.

When enmity takes toll, politicians call each other names, trade accusations and witch-hunt and some even get physical.

Now after the popular handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga, Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has come to her senses and realised the heights he had gone with the politics of hate ahead of 2017 elections.

Ms Elachi says that she has learned a lot from the handshake.

Speaking on Wednesday, the former nominated Senator recalled how she joined other Jubilee politicians in attacking and insulting Raila ahead of the 2017 elections.

She said that she was taken aback on seeing the man she led others in insulting uniting with the Head of State, adding that she has learnt a lesson she will never forget.

Elachi vowed never to insult Raila or any other politician in the future, after realizing that there is nothing like enmity or personal issues in the Kenyan political arena.

“Kutukanana nimewacha kabisa. Hapo mbeleni nilikuwa msitari wa mbele kumtukana Raila kisha kidogo namwona tena ameshikana na mkono na yule niliyedhani ni adui yake.

(After seeing Raila reconcile with the man I considered his sworn enemy, I have sworn that never again will I insult him or anyone else for personal reasons),” she said.

She was speaking on a local radio show on Wednesday morning.

Elachi was then the Jubilee Party parliamentary aspirant for Dagoretti North while Uhuru was seeking to defend his seat.

She declared her support for the two in their ongoing joint campaigns, among them the fight against corruption and their national unification and cohesion push.

“Sasa nitawaheshimu na kuwaunga mkono wote. Hiyo siasa ya matusi sitaki tena (I will support and respect both of them),” added Elachi.

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Now that Elachi has confessed she is sorry, should Raila forgive him and extend the handshake?

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