Yes! Drinking Water, something we all do is the new Internet Sensation

Now, there are a bunch of water drinkers taking over YouTube with their wholesome content. Why are they so popular? There are a couple of factors at play. First, there’s the ubiquity of the ‘drink water’ message.

Beauty Instagram account Gelcream regularly reminds her followers to ‘drink some water’ for glowing skin and relaxation, self-care Twitter bots send out water emoji to remind you to take a sip.

Every interview with a celebrity or influencer about their good looks will include paying credit to hydration (and ignoring the money funneled into facials and cosmetic treatments).

We’re told to drink water at every opportunity, and most of us will say we need to do it more.

Just look around your office to see people with massive bottles marked with targets for the hour, or take a look at just how many apps there are with the sole purpose of getting you to sip.

Water drinking YouTubers might be a form of influencing and entertainment that’s good for us. We see a new video in our subscription, we’re reminded that we should be drinking water, too. Watching a video does make you feel a tad parched – try it for yourself.

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