Slain Mary Wambui was not the main target

The key suspect linked to the murder of business woman Mary Wambui Kamangara was burning with revenge and had a plan to kill the entire family of Joseph Kori.

Police investigator told the court Judy Wangui had been stalking Joseph Kori’s home prior to murder of Mary Wambui. The officer said Wangui might have targeted the entire family in revenge over breakup with Kori.

In a sworn affidavit, the police said witness statements from guards at Kori’s estate indicated she was trailing the family.

Wangui was charged alongside car hire dealer James Mathenge over the murder of Wambui on the night of January 27. They both denied the allegations and are currently in police custody.

In a sworn affidavit during hearing of the suspects’ bail application, investigating officer, Oliver Nabonwe, told Kiambu High Court Judge Christine Meoli that Kori and Wangui had an affair which ended prematurely prior to the murder of Wambui.

He further said, Wangui had planned a revenge against Kori’s family and that she had been stalking their home since January 25.

“We have established that on January 25, Wangui was stalking the deceased’s family and had spent time trailing them at their residential house at Safari Park estate,” Nabonwe told the court.

The investigator opposed the suspects’ bail application saying releasing them would put the lives of Kori and his family in danger as they were the key witnesses in the case.

“We are not certain that the deceased was her main and only target, and if the accused is released on bond, the safety of the bereaved family, who are key witnesses in this matter, cannot be assured.”

The detective told the court that his assertions were well supported by Wangui’s mobile phone subscriber data and statements from guards at Safari Park estate.

He stated that some of the witnesses were Wangui’s relatives and a six-year-old child who could easily be compromised not to testify against the accused persons.

On the release of Mathenge, the police said some cars, which are exhibits in the case, were operating a car hire service under Mipals Travel Adventure, a company owned by the accused.

However, Wangui’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta argued it was a fundamental constitutional right for his client to be released on bail and that the court should not assume the evidence produced was enough to deny her bail.

“In order to deny the accused her fundamental right, the prosecution must table evidence that the accused will abscond court or will interfere with witnesses should she be released on bail,” said Ombeta.

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