Shocking! Father hangs his children and commits suicide

Family killing cases have become so rampant. Every day we wake up to bad news of either husband killing a wife of children. An Indian family has shocked the world after a dad hanged his two young daughters and sent WhatsApp photos of their bodies to his estranged wife before killing himself .

The woman’s in-laws are blaming her for the deaths and police have registered a criminal case for murder and abetment to suicide against the mum and her alleged lover. It is claimed Rishikant Kudupalli, 40, murdered his girls, 18-month-old Kartiki and six-year-old Narayani and took his own life in a twisted attempt to exact revenge on his wife Pragati, who was allegedly cheating on him.

The mum had deserted them and her husband, a college teacher, by eloping with her lover. She was left horrified and distraught when she checked her phone and found pictures of the girls’ bodies at the family’s home in the city of Ballarpur in central India.

Kudupalli was upset and angry after finding out that his wife was allegedly having an affair. A few days ago, the wife allegedly eloped with her lover, deserting her husband and two daughters. Kudupalli and his family had tried to find his wife, hoping they could convince her to return, the Times of India reported.

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However, she refused to go home with them. At about 1am on Tuesday, Kudupalli choked and hanged both of his daughters, snapped photos of their bodies and sent the images to his wife, said police. After discovering the images, his wife alerted her father, and he contacted her husband’s brother.

The brother rushed to the house and banged on the door, but no-one answered. Neighbours helped him break down the door, and they found the three bodies.

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