Sakaja slaps Sonko, tells him to appoint deputy governor and stop the theatrics

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Nairobi senator Johnstone Sakaja has taken a debate on the senate to compel Nairobi governor Mike Sonko to appoint deputy governor.

Sakaja argues that Sonko must name his deputy to ensure that the national executive is constituted as per the constitution.

The senator want an explanation on why the governor has taken a while before he names his deputy.


Earlier Sonko had named controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna as the deputy governor.

Miguna who hasn’t been in the Country after deportation termed Sonko as a joker who is seeking public attention.

Also, the Nairobi County Assembly has been operating without the speaker after Beatrice Elachi was impeached by the members of the County Assembly.

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“The blatant ignoring and undermining of the role of a deputy governor sets a dangerous precedent to county governments and is a threat to the spirit of devolution,” he argued on Tuesday.

Sakaja referred to the Supreme Court ruling that directed that the offices of deputy governors that fall vacant be filed within 14 days.

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“The county government is not properly constituted and this has led to lack of proper service delivery to the people of Nairobi. If the Senate cannot pronounce itself on this matter, I don’t know which other matter the Senate can pronounce itself in and be respected,” he added.

Recently Sonko said that he will not be compelled to appoint deputy governor.

Sonko said that he needs to be given time for him to identify someone who can represent the welfare of Nairobi people.

“I nominated Miguna Miguna and they rejected him,they should give me time to settle on the best candidate,“he said.

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has again reshuffled his Cabinet in readiness for a planned official unveiling of the new team this week.

The changes, made silently two weeks ago, have seen the governor’s trusted lieutenants moved to critical departments with an eye on filling key dockets that have been vacant for months now.

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Sonko had earlier said that he will chose a woman as the deputy governor.

Former Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua was once suspected to deputize Sonko.

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