Right actions to take when being robbed

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It’s a scary thought to be robbed and even worse to be attacked in addition to being stolen from. This situations often catch us off guard and most of us will be too confused to know the right action to take during the moment,

God forbid you won’t be robbed but in case you unfortunately find yourself in the situation it is important that you note down the following ways of conducting yourself for your own good.


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During a robbery, it is important to demonstrate that you are not a threat or obstacle to the robber. A good way to convey this is to remain calm and cooperate with the robber. Work with the robber’s commands to help keep both yourself and everyone else as safe as can be during the robbery.

Ask for clarification in the right way. 

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If you are given a command by the robber and you don’t understand what they are asking, you may need to ask for clarification. Doing so can be dangerous as the robber is likely to be highly agitated and nervous. Try asking a question using some of the following techniques to make sure you keep the situation as calm as can be ;

  • Keep your question direct and short. Saying something like “I’m sorry. I don’t understand.” can be simple enough and still get your intention across.
  • If you misheard something try rephrasing what you thought you heard as a question. For example “You wanted only 10 dollar bills?”

Speak directly and only if required. 

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Normally during the course of a robbery, you should remain as silent as you can. However, there may be a time when the robbery asks you a question that requires a response from you. Speaking honestly and directly can help keep you stay calm in your response.

  • Long responses during a robbery can increase stress and panic.
  • Try to frame responses in a positive way, working with the robber and showing compliance.
  • Always answer honestly.

Do not fight the robber or offer resistance. 

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Robbers do not want a fight. Fighting will only get you and possibly other people hurt or killed. Remain calm throughout the robbery and do not try to put an end to it by fighting the robbers or trying to get in their way.

  • Move slowly and calmly. Quick movements may appear threatening to the robber.

Take note of as many details as you can. 

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Keeping track of details regarding the robber and the robbery can be of use to police and can also help to keep your mind focused and calm. Pay careful attention to details about both the robber and what the robber did during the crime to help keep you relaxed.

  • Remember what the robber looked liked. Take mental notes of height, weight, clothes, or other distinguishing aspects.
  • Remember what the robber did. Keep a mental record of everything the robber did and in what order.
  • Don’t stare or make eye contact with the robber. Take quick glances only.

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