Keeping up with Natalie Tewa: How to Know if the Relationship Can Really Work

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On Tuesday, the bootylicious socialite hosted Natalie Tewa and her boyfriend Rnaze at her palatial home in Kitisuru. Did she help the two lovebirds reconcile? Natalie shared videos goofing around with Sidika and captioned it: Thanks queen for hosting us.

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Adding: such a boss babe.. I love who you are. This comes barely a week after the social media power couple broke up citing infidelity as the main reason as to why they parted ways.

Vera Sidika seems to have another profession apart from being a video vixen, businesswoman and socialite. She’s now a peacemaker.  Vera shared a video of her with Tewa and her Rnaze and wrote; I love seeing two people make peace @Rnaze, @Natalitewa.

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This has ignited mixed reactions with many asking whether their break up was a publicity stunt or not. Natalie and Rnaze’s break up is similar to that of Vera and Otile Brown.

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The socialite and the singer aired their dirty linen in public, with Vera claiming Otile broke up with her because she failed to loan her cash. always thought that if a relationship was truly right, you’d never need to break up.

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And if two people love each other enough, they will make it work. However, with the modern-day couples select mates, it was found that it was more common than not to feel unsure about whether a partner was the one. Breaking up and getting back together with an ex turned out to be more common than people realized.

Here are a few tips to watch out before reconsidering a breakup;

Make sure the cause of the breakup is no longer an issue. 

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Ask yourself why things will be different this time. Unless they truly will be, getting back together will likely end in another separation. Maybe one partner felt they didn’t have enough dating experience to settle down.

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Or maybe you both were too focused on your careers to sustain the relationship. If these issues are resolved, for example, it may be worth another shot. But if you don’t identify what broke you up and do the work to fix it, the relationship will not last.

Clear the closet of all skeletons.

Lasting couples who broke up and got back together were extremely honest about how they spent their time apart. Relationships, bad decisions, baggage, lessons, and emotions were all on the table and fair game for discussion. As one woman told me, “We wanted to make sure there were no skeletons in the closet.”

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When people reach back out to a significant ex to gauge the potential for reconciliation, the other person usually wants to know why. Why are you here? Why me, instead of all the others you have dated or could date? If you’re going to make a huge commitment to someone, it’s crucial that you answer these questions honestly, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Be open about your fears.

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For example, the ex who was the jilted partner might be afraid the other person is going to leave again and abandonment is even more common in the digital age, where people ghost frequently.

Thing is, fears are normal and expected, and it’s okay to have them. Successfully committing isn’t about having zero reservations, it’s about productively sharing them with your partner. 

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Take your time.

Going slow is counter to having a rapid engagement, but it worked for some couples. Even though one ex is often ready to commit in a flash, you have to move at the slowest person’s comfort level.

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After all, you both need to get all the facts, have some serious discussions about how this will work better the second time, let your friends and family know about a potential reconciliation, and meditate on whether it’s the right move.

You don’t need to be an official couple tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. If the convinced partner has had time to conclude that this is right and they want to try again, the other person should have that same luxury.

Here are a few things we should understand about getting back together with an Ex;

The rise of the on-again, off-again relationship

According to couples’ researcher Rene Dailey, approximately “65% of individuals have experienced an on-off relationship at some point in their dating history, and 30% to 45% of individuals report their current or most recent relationship has had an on-off nature,” she says.

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One study published in 2013 showed almost half of young people aged 17 to 24 were breaking up and reconciling with exes. It’s hard to know, of course, if a relationship is going to stick.

Bieber, for instance, didn’t know Baldwin wasnt The One when they initially dated in 2016, and identifying that potential is usually the first step toward something real. He mentioned his feelings for her in an interview in 2016, right after they dated the first time.

Why more couples are breaking up…then making up

There are many reasons for the on-off phenomenon in this day and age. The age of first marriage is higher than ever (29.5 years for men, 27.4 years for women. That allows for more opportunities to date around and break up. With technology, exes these days are often still in touch.

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Most people are just a Facebook message or Instagram like away from staying on someone’s radar. That makes going back easier. Like the Likes of Otile Brown and Vera or Rnaze and Natalie.

The case for dating and even marrying an ex

So perhaps it’s time to rethink the breakup: It’s not always a bad thing. If you date around and return to an ex with a better understanding of what you want in a partner and who you are as a partner, it might just work the second time. 

If you’re thinking about committing to an old love, it’s important to make sure you’re truly compatible and not just sliding back into something easy or convenient. In my research, couples who made it work took these steps.

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