‘Invest in Your Own First’ Huddah Slams Kenyan Rappers For Condoling Nipsey Hussle

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It has only been two days since Nipsey was killed and the entire hip hop fraternity has been plunged into mourning, with some big names across the world condemning gun violence.

From RnB singer Beyonce to renown DJ Khaled to veteran producers and rappers like Diddy, virtually everyone in the hiphip game was affected in one way or another by Nipsey’s death.

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In Kenya, several rappers including Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka, even Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz have already paid tribute to Nipsey, who was shot dead outside his own store in Los Angeles.

Amid the heart breaking RIP messages, Huddah, who is coincidentally in Los Angeles, came out to fault her locals for allegedly being hypocrites.

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So according to the socialite, everyone is so quick to jump onto the Nipsey Hussle RIP bandwagon when very few actually knew him in that way.

“Your friend’s business is there but you will never post and you are here posting RIP Nipsey. Sing one of his songs and let’s see who actually knows him. Messed up generation,” she wrote.

Furthermore, the socialite claimed that since the Western countries hardly listened to or appreciated African arts, it was a bit ironic to be so invested in their celebrity affairs.

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That was one of the reasons she chose to avoid listening to hiphop.

“These African Americans don’t listen to music from Africa. 99% of them don’t even know where Africa is. That’s why I don’t listen to hiphop and trap whatever,” she went on.

Like Huddah, Vera Sidika also admitted she did not know the late Nipsey as she blankly asked Khaligraph who the rapper was on Instagram.

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