Hottest Entertainment talk! From Huddah’s pregnancy scare to Wema Sepetu’s lesbian allegations

Huddah’s pregnancy scare and Wema Sepetu’s pregnancy allegations have today been the big talk an gossip in town.

The two ladies who have been in the public eye have today got tongues wagging and quite similar reasons. The bedroom related conversation.

The striking similarity goes beyond their bedroom issues to the fact that their fans know that they are both single ladies. How are they surviving with the dry spell?

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Let us start with the Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe who has today hinted that she has a pregnancy scare.

Could she be pregnant? I guess not. Huddah was on the frontline during the funga duka campaign and although she announced she was done with the challenge, it might be too soon to imagine that she could be pregant.

The thirsty socialite was today in the mood to get intimate and she could not keep it to herself.

Huddah says that from how she was feeling, one shot would not be enough and she believes that she is in a serious urge to handle a mjulubeng  thrice a day.

Never doubt a woman you never know what she is capable of.

How about Wema Sepetu how is she dealing with the dryspell?

There has been ongoing rumours that the popular Tanzanian actress has decided to go the lesbian way.

Could this be true? Photos spreading first on social media claim that Wema Sepetu is dating Diana and this has raised brows.

A Tanzanian Activist Mange Kimambi weighed in over these allegations saying that for some reason she sees nothing wrong since Wema Sepetu has had a rough path when it comes to relationships with men.

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She, however, doubts that Wema has taken a complete turn saying that maybe just like many women, Wema might be bisexual and not lesbian as people allege.

The grapevine also suggests that Wema Sepetu is not in good terms with her mother as a result of her said relationship with Diana?

In response to all these claims, Wema Sepetu says that after all is said and done she will forever be grateful to have her mother in her life.

In another post, Wema Sepetu says that silence is the key and maybe she  is not ready to respond to such claims for good reasons.

As the two ladies seem to be figuring their lives out on matters relationship, Wasafi artist Harmonize proved otherwise.

The Big proposal

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Last night Harmonize proposed to his longtime Italian girlfriend Sarah in Italy.

The Singer proposed to her in the presence of Sarah’s family members and they all dined together a part of the celebration.

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This came off as a surprise since Harmonize has been reluctant to making it clear on when he plans to wed.

However he has now confirmed that he is ready to take it on to another level.

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