Cults are real! This is what you need to know

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Do you think cults are real?

Well lately people have been having conversations about devil worshiping, cultism and whether it is real or not.

Although people might doubt that cults are real those who have been part of it can tell us their story from a different perspective.

After sharing his testimony about how he sacrificed his toe as part of a cult, Gospel artist Nelson has again shared the important things that people should know about cults.

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Nelson says that from his experience, people should know that the devil is always awake and is ready to snatch anyone  as long as you have greed for money or other good things.

The Singer says he thought that getting all the wealth and the good things would help him but I ended up with nothing.

He also added that people should know that the devil is happy when he uses people in the bad way and unfortunately he was a victim.

The 26 year old had earlier narrated how he sacrificed his toe as part of a cult instruction.

Mr Nelson who is now a gospel artist and is saved said that he was initiated in the cult when he was in class 6.

Nelson says that he had gone to fetch water when he met a woman in a white robe and a pot on her head.The woman shook his hand and Nelson says that from that day, his life was never the same again.

As he shook his hand, the woman uttered Bukusu words saying “You belong to us now”

Here are some of the mysterious things he did as part of the cult?

Nelson say that he slept with his teacher, not because he wanted but because he was tasked to do so.

He was given a belt that could make him get any girl he wanted and was sent to churches to make sure that the ladies would backslide.

Nelson was asked to sacrifice his part of the body so that he can be made more powerful. For him he decided that he could give away his toe.After the toe was cut off, the snake licked his blood as a sign that he had been accepted and the ritual was sealed.

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What are some of the signs that indicate that someone is in a cult?

The leader is above the law 
If you’re held to a different moral standard, specifically in regard to sex, you’re probably in a cult.

A prevalent idea among cult leaders is that they are above the law, be it human or divine. This idea allows them to exploit their followers economically and sexually without repercussions.

When confronted, they do not confess, but create justifications for their impropriety. Sexual grooming of members is common. Loyal cult members will perform any amount of “mental gymnastics” to justify or ignore the leader’s behavior.

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The group is paranoid about the outside world
If your group insists the end of the world is near, you’re probably in a cult.

Cults position themselves as the sole refuge from an evil outside world that is intent on their destruction. Cults thrive on conspiracy theories, catastrophic thinking, and persecution complexes.

In an effort to draw in more paying members, cults are often very aggressive in their recruitment efforts which are usually justified as “saving” people from the evil world. Those who reject the cult’s message are unelect, prideful, evil, or stupid.

The group performs secret rites
If there are secret teachings or ceremonies you didn’t discover until after you joined, you’re probably in a cult.

Cults use secret rituals as rites of passage that solidify a member’s loyalty to the group. Initiation into these rites usually only comes after a member has undergone certain tests or made adequate financial contributions.

Often, cult initiations are confusing, bizarre, or even offensive. This mental dissonance between their sense of confusion and their loyalty to the “inner circle” convinces the initiate to double their efforts in order to properly appreciate the proceedings. This only further entrenches them in a shame cycle, making them even more susceptible to manipulation.

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