Corazon Kwamboka sends a sterning warning to her body shamers

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Kenyan socialite and Lawyer Corazon Kwamboka has send a sterning warning to haters who called her fat with ugly thighs.

In a post on Instagram, Corazon said that the people who body shamed her should stop being narrow minded.

She went on to say that she will identify as a trans-slender because she is fat but identifies as skinny.

They called me fat with ugly thighs – Corazon Kwamboka on horrific body shaming

“For those who called me fat and ugly thighs. Stop the bigotry, I am trans-slender. And I shall be identifying as such, anyone who called me fat is an intolerant asshole. Off to eat a burger,” she wrote.

Her words came after she shared videos of herself during one of her work-out session and several fans found her to be fat. Some of the fans questioned why she felt the need to show her lumpiness.

This comes a few days after she exposed the face of a man who has been sending her racially charged messages.

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In a post on Instagram, Corazon revealed the image of the man together with the message he had sent her.

In the message, the racist man claimed that Corazon was making black women look horrible because she was like a slave sold to a white man.

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Flashback, 2years ago at campsbay Cape Town.

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