Brave woman gives birth in mango tree due to floods

Amélia cradles her daughter Sara at an accommodation centre in Dombe

The continued Cyclone Idai in Mozambique has left many homeless and with no food.

During the incident, a woman gave birth in a mango tree while escaping floods in central Mozambique caused by Cyclone Idai.

Single mother Amélia delivered her daughter, Sara, whilst clinging to the branches with her two-year-old son.

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The family was rescued two days later by neighbours, following storms that have killed more than 700 people.

It comes nearly 20 years after another miracle baby, Rosita Mabuiango, was born up a tree during flooding in southern Mozambique.

“I was at home with my two-year-old son when suddenly, without warning, the water began to enter the house,” she told the UN children’s agency Unicef.

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Amélia and her newly extended family are now staying at temporary accommodation in nearby Dombe, and are reportedly in good health.

Rosita Mabuiango, now aged 19, also made international headlines after she and her mother Sofia were rescued by helicopter from a tree surrounded by floodwater in 2000.

Sofia gave birth to Rosita after flood struck Mozambique nineteen years ago.

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