Why Ruto’s rift valley critic is celebrating his downfall, call him to quit

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The front and back confrontation between the DP and section of politicians seems to give some leaders a political mileage as they get platforms to express themselves.

Already politician Joshua Kutuny and Ngunjiri Wambugu have made name for themselves in the political circles.

Political analysts states that the DP hasn’t been given time to defend self over corruption allegations labelled against him and his close friends.

In a well-scatting scheme, Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny has said the fight against the DP isn’t over urging him to quit the [political scene if he isn’t comfiortable.

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At Kaplamai on Tuesday, a rejuvenated Kutuny sarcastically said that the government is being run by President Uhuru Kenyatta, ODM leader Raila Odinga and himself.

“I want to say that even if you oppose the handshake, it’s going nowhere, it’s here to stay. If you’re tired with it, just quit and get out of this country and leave us in peace,” he said.

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He added: “If you cannot sustain the fight against corruption, just quit and leave this country for patriots like Uhuru. By the way, the government is run by Baba (Raila), Uhuru and myself.”

Mr Kutuny, Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter and Moiben’s Silas Tiren, have been leading onslaught against Deputy President William Ruto.

They claim that the DP has been attacking politicians who are against his presidential ambitions.

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They had accused him of being corrupt and only interested on becoming president.

Already politcians allied to the DP have accused Kutuny of disrespecting Ruto as the senior most politician in the Country.

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