Why every woman needs this miracle hairbrush

A new product for women has got everyone talking.

Beauty is expensive, of course but it is worth the efforts.

Lots of us have spent a disgusting amount of money over the years on shampoos and serums to try and calm our frizzy hair.

While some work for some people, others don’t seem to make much of a difference.

But a new hairbrush could be the answer to all of our prayers and people are calling it a “miracle”, reports the Sun .

According to the website, the Ionic Brush can restore your hair back to “its natural charge” by “adding negative ions back into your hair”, getting rid of all that horrible frizz.

It also claims to smooth split ends, minimise hear damage and make hair softer and shinier.

The brush, which comes in black and purple, is on sale from $39.45 to $19.95 – which is about £15 or Ksh1,995.

“Say GOODBYE to frizzy, static and flyaway hair.

“The Ionic Brush emits negative ions into your hair to restore the balance of ions which makes your hair shiny, smooth, frizz-free and manageable.

“The negative ions are activated by hear, which is why the Ionic hairbrush is powered by electricity. It’s time for some lustrous, sheen hair.”

People are really impressed with the brush and hundreds have shared their praise on the website.

One wrote: “I have to give this 5 stars. It’s very well designed and made. Also, for the price it’s amazing.”

Another added: “Big admirer of this”

One woman wrote: “Does a great job for my long frizzy hair.”

Another commented: “Worth every penny. My hair is so smooth after using this hairbrush.”

To use the brush you simply turn it on and brush as you normally would.

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