‘Washenzi!’ Uhuru disappointed after Kenyans associate drawing of blood to NIIMS registration

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President Uhuru previously launching Universal Health Coverage Pilot Program 

Although a court ordered that Kenyans should not be forced with Huduma Namba registration,critics can’t help but spread all types of rumors on the initiative.The wild talks have caught the attention of the head of state

President Uhuru Kenyatta has dispelled fears that the registration process involved drawing of blood from citizens for DNA testing. 

Wengine wanasema ukienda kujiandikisha utatoa damu iwekwe DNA testing ati mzee anaambiwa akienda kujiandikisha ama uko na mpango wa kando, mtoto atajua baba yake ni nani,” he stated throwing the crowd into laughter.

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Nakwambia upuzi ambaye iko kenya ni mingi sana” he struggled to remark amidst his own giggles. 

The president clarified that the government was not up to anything of the sort and would make arrangements for every Kenya to have a copy of the all information about themselves as well as protect the same data from unauthorised access.

Watch President Uhuru Kenyatta blasting pastors linking Huduma Namba to devil’s 666.

The High court allowed the government to proceed with the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) which President Uhuru Kenyatta has officially launched in Machakos county on Tuesday.

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However, the court has put strict conditions for the government to adhere to.

The State is prohibited from including DNA in the biometrics.

The three-judge bench has also ordered them not to compel anyone to give personal information to them.

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