“There is an online army of evil people out to bully, and demean you on social media, Ignore the trend,” Sen Murkomen offers a dose to avoid depression

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If you have children who are growing up with a cell phone in their hands, you’ve seen the behavior.

Kenya statistics have revealed that social media fuels depression among frequent users who are the youth.

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It is a common thing for college students to prefer exchanging a blizzard of texts on Instagram or Facebook over talking with family members around the dinner table.

Also the high schooler scrolls endlessly through Instagram feeds long after everyone else is asleep.

This depressing report has seen Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, Kipchumba Murkomen offer his free advice albeit legal, to help reduce depression.

“There is an online army of evil people out to bully,insult&demean you on social media. Don’t read their comments. Don’t take them seriously. They are running away from their personal problems. Ignore the trend. They won’t take you anywhere. It’s fast forgotten. Stay cool. Avoid depression,” tweeted Sen Murkomen.

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