Pastor orders followers to eat grass

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Have you ever thought of eating grass? As dumb as this question sounds, some believers of a South African preacher were forced to eat grass after he instructed them to do so.

Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries, South Africa asked part of his congregation to eat grass from he church garden saying that it is nice food.

“If Jesus turned water into wine, I can turn anything into water. I can turn anything into food, this is all brain” he says in the video

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The Pastor went further to say that some people will claim that he is a false prophet but this did not seem to bother him.

The minister, who was branded as a “miracle man,” reportedly made his congregation of about 1,000 eat the grass as part of a ritual to show that humans can be controlled by God’s spirit.

Online reports indicate that when the church members ate the grass, a few claimed they were cured of their ills.

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What we see in the video is that after they eat the grass and are ordered to go back in the church, they all walk back like zoombies which is totally creepy.

The Pastor questions why some people complain that they do not have food yet they have grass and flowers at their home.

Those who ate the grass kept on screaming like possessed people as
Pastor Lesego tried to calm them down.

This incident happened years back around 2014/2015 according to dates of the online videos however it remains shocking to some people up to date.

Where are our churches heading too? Pastors have become even more manipulative today and this is so alarming.

What do you think about Pastor Lesego’s act to order his followers to eat grass like cows?

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