Ladies: These are terrible dangers you expose yourself to when you don’t wear panty

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Women and girls have been advised against walking around without panties as this could lead to dire consequences in the long-term.

From a purely visual perspective, apart from celebrities, not everyone wants the outlines of their anatomy showing in public. Think “Camel Toe” as one example.

For sanitary reasons, it’s always best to wear underwear to avoid skid marks and the possibility of yeast infections.

When your period is due, having a pair of underwear on, along with a pad, can save your clothing from blood stains.

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For those who are modest: Avoid having men looking up your skirt or dress and seeing your you-know-what…

Dr Ignatius Kibe, a women reproductive health specialist, has listed infertility as one of the consequences that the habit some ignorant women see as ‘fashionable’ could lead to.

“Not wearing a panty exposes a woman’s genital organs to dust, which contains harmful bacteria known as E-coli. E coli is a harmful bacteria which can cause infertility problems by affecting the uterus, cervix and the oviduct,” Dr Kibe said.

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The specialist also warned against the use of vaginal tightening chemicals noting that they are likely to affect the PH of the vagina, thus increasing the chances of infection.

He instead recommended the use of kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

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Speaking from personal experience here a woman who had stopped wearing underwear years ago listed the disadvantages as:

  • Before you learn to control it, you’re gonna have a bad time covering up your raging boner guys. Let’s face it, it takes more than reciting the multiplication table in your heads to calm down an erection.
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  • Vulnerable in case of ripped pants. If your undergarment suddenly decides to rip open at the groin, that’s it. Everyone you know will know now. Everyone. But this is an optional disadvantage. Nymphos will likely say this is a benefit.
  • Soggy soggy. You know how if you’re trapped in a downpour, your clothes stick to your skin ? Same thing will happen down there and it feels weird, not to mention the outline is there for all to see. Again, this is an optional disadvantage.

For those who work or live in windy areas: Avoid having dust and dirt deposited “down there”.

For people who interact with others in public: Avoid unnecessary and odd looks in your direction when it becomes clear that you “forgot something” when you got dressed in the morning…

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For people who emit odors: Wearing underwear protects the innocent who may be downwind of you.

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