Chokoraa ni wewe! MCA Tricky responds to questions on being a street kid

Many have grown to love him not only for his jokes but also for his Chokoraa identity.

Having thrust into the world of fame through the Churchill Show platform, MCA Tricky is now Kenya’ most endowed raw comedy talent and a presenter at Radio Maisha

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MCA Tricky claims the chokoraa identity is just but a role he chose to play to perfect his comedy ability. When he started out, many knew him as a street urchin who joined the street life at the tender age of 12.

His grass to grace story endeared him to the audience more, but as it turns out, MCA tricky was never a street kid. In an interview with a local media house, Tricky claimed that he was never a chokoraa and it’s the media that twisted his story.

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“I was never a chokoraa (street kid). I was only a hustler in the streets but a section of the press changed the story to imply I was one. I was but a hustler ferrying goods for businesspeople to and fro Muthurwa Market,” he said.

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