Anti-ODM Wave Hits Ugenya With Orengo & His Co-Horts Dealt With Massively

Are the People of Luo Nyanza finally waking up and getting out of the ODM slumberland? A Few years ago, ODM was the ultimate Political Vehicle for anyone who wanted to bag a political position in Luo Nyanza.

Well, that’s no longer the case as a number of Candidates have rose above the ODM wave and won various political positions without ODM or Raila Odinga’s help.

The Ugenya by-elections have once again put the ODM Party on the spotlight with Movement for Development and Growth candidate David Ochieng threatening to end the Party’s dominance in the area.

His Supporters are doing all it takes to drive the point home

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Former Ugenya MP David Ochieng. /FILE

Sunday evening saw Siaya Senator James Orengo run into trouble when his convoy was stoned by rowdy youth as he and his team campaigned for the ODM candidate in the Ugenya by-election Chris Karan.

Although Orengo and his team blamed the violence on the Movement for Development and Growth candidate David Ochieng, the latter dissociated himself and instead accused ODM of fanning the violence after ‘sensing defeat’.

The incident left ODM leaders counting loses after some of their eleven vehicles were damaged by the angry youths at Sihayi Trading Centre in Ugenya.


Alego-Usonga MP Samwel Atandi and Siaya County Education Executive Mary Olute vehicles were extensively damaged.

“I do not know how I will replace the wind screen of the vehicle I had hired because Karan has refused to cater for the repairs,” said an ODM supporter.

This was the second incident after youths believed to belong to Yenga boda-boda operators stoned Orengo’s vehicle as he entered Yenga to do campaign for the ODM candidate.


The Sunday evening incident happened few hours after police shot in the air to disperse residents who had attempted to disrupt an ODM rally at the market, claiming Aduma had threatened to use his position as a member of the National Assembly Security Committee to transfer local police officers.

Orengo said that he is not worried by the incidences of violence which he described as the kicks of a dying horse, adding that they will pick up the issues after campaigns.

Karan said no amount of chaos would derail his campaign, adding that Ochieng’s actions were only an advantage to his candidature.

The by-election in Ugenya constituency, Siaya county, will be held on April 5. This follows the nullification of the victory of former MP Karan of ODM over election malpractices.

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