[VIDEO] Check out Drake’s new ‘Euphoria’ trailer

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Last summer, Drake and HBO announced that they were working on a new project titled Euphoria, with the Toronto rapper signed on as an executive producer on the show alongside Future The Prince. Other details included the announcement of Zendaya‘s role in the series, its description as a “teen drama” and that it would be based on an Israeli series of the same name, which was created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin — two of the other executive producers.

Now, almost 9 months later, Drake has given a first look at the show in a new teaser trailer. The trippy new clip doesn’t feature many details about the show, instead showing a montage of high-school scenes and a voice over from Zendaya’s character Rue stating that “this is the feeling I’ve been searching for my entire life.”

HBO describes the series as “following a group of high school students as they navigate love and friendships in a world of drugs, sex, trauma and social media.” The focus of the series is the true story of a murdered teenager, as the narrative begins a year later and shows how people are dealing with its aftermath.

Euphoria has no official release date just yet, although it is rumored to be hitting later this year in the US.

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