The next Governor who could be a ‘Fat’ meal for DPP Haji

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Governor Mike Sonko’s fleet manager Dominic Odera appearing before Nairobi county assembly’s Legal and Justice, disclosed the governor had been enjoying a ‘loot’ since he assumed office, without giving clear reasons as to who authorized the budget allocation in the name of ‘confidential budget’.

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Flamboyant Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is a man under siege after it emerged he has allegedly been siphoning KSh 96 million county funds every financial year.

The questionable transactions were revealed by the Nairobi county assembly’s Legal and Justice Committee chaired by Parkland’s MCA Malde Jayhendra.

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The governor reportedly allocated himself the confidential budget every year.  His fleet manager Dominic Odera could not explain who authourised the budget allocation.

Nairobi county assembly’s Legal and Justice Committee stated confidential budget can only be allocated to the president. The said budget must also be approved by the Interior Ministry as per the law.

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The committee’s vice chairman, Kilimani MCA Moses Ogeto, pressed Odera to explain what a confidential budget means, but the City Hall staff was unable to substantiate his claims.

According to a local daily, a confidential budget can only be allocated to the president and must be approved by the interior ministry according to the law, but in Sonko’s case the committee established there was no letter from the interior ministry authorising the alleged budget.

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“The law is very clear. This confidential budget is only meant for the head of state and not a governor,” Ogeto stated. The Legal and Justice Committee also learnt Governor Sonko has been misusing county vehicles whenever he goes around the city to inspect various projects.

The city legislators put to task the fleet manager to explain how many vehicles the governor is supposed to have. Odera disclosed the official vehicles assigned to the governor are 5ive, but he uses between 10 and 12 vehicles, some picked others from other departments.

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“Our governor at times uses more than 10 vehicles depending on which occasion he is attending to,” Odera added. The officer was forced to divulged the details about Sonko’s fleet as be sought for more fuel budget for the governor’s fleet in the 2019/2020 financial year budget that is set to be passed June 2019.

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