Kajiado Hunger pangs forces Lenku to appeal for govt donations!

Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku has called on national government to come to the aid of Kajiado County residents affected by drought.

Lenku who attended a fundraising in Sholinke Emakoko ACK church in Kajiado East constituency on Sunday, said 18 wards out of 25 have been affected. He said the government should give donations to the affected families.

“Samburu, Turkana and baringo have been affected and have received relief! in Kajiado out of 25 wards 18 have been affected hence we need the donations,” he said.

The event was turned a political battle ground for the governor with his rival Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko. The governor accused the MP of working with the opposition.

Deputy President William Ruto who was the chief guest said the government will build more dams and harvest more rainwater to solve water crisis in the country, he launched Athi Water point to be managed by the church.

He called on former governor Dr David Nkedianye who is now chairman National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority to ensure harvesting of water is done as required to solve water crisis.

There have been reports that more than ten people have died in the country due to famine but Ruto has discredited the reports, saying no one has died

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