Willy Paul’s ‘passionate grinding and grabbing’ in new song rubs moral cop omufather Ringtone the wrong way as he threatens to sue.

Ringtone is not new to the world of controversy nor to everything Willy Paul.

He never lacks an opinion when it comes to how certain people are living their lives. He always takes to social media shouting at various artistes including Tanzania’s Wasafi team.

Well, today things got a little bit serious. He was a bit calm because he feels Willy Paul has disrespected Christians.

Willy Paul dropped a song featuring Nandy from Tanzania, Halleluja and this song makes Ringtone mad in all levels

In a scathing post he put on his personal IG account, Ringtone made some rather shocking assertions.

So willy paul today I just want to address you over your song because I feel that you have disrespected our God. Willy Paul Nandy is not your wife. you’re touching her private parts, she is twerking at you and you’re saying hallejuah. that woman who is not your wife called Nandy is touching your head seductively, your private parts, touching your behind. touching everywhere and you’re saying hallelujah.

It gets worse, Ringtone even threatens Willy Paul saying he will be going to court come Monday to sue him for disrespecting Christians. Is there such a law? Well, let us wait and see what happens come Monday.

Willy paul as Christians in Kenya today we feel so bad. we feel so much disrespected.. you’ve gone too far and this coming week from Monday I just want to go to court I want to sue you for disrespecting our faith. this cannot continue we feel very disrespected. I call on all Christians, who are feeling disrespected like me we go into prayer and fasting against this upfront and conflict

This is not the first time he is coming out against his fellow gospel artiste. Last time he called him out because of posing for a picture ‘naked’ saying that is the devil’s work.

Check out the new song for those graphic sexual observations and you be the judge.

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