Moses Kuria to KU Students:Focus on your problems,leave Uganda alone!!

Yoweri Museveni

Moses Kuria ,Gatundu South Member of Parliament was appalled by  Kenyatta University students who on Friday were chanting Bobi Wine’s name during a public lecture by Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni at the school instead of talking about the raw deal that Kenya got from the bilateral negotiations between the two countries.

Gatundu South MP ,Moses Kuria

“Kenya got a very bad trade deal from Uganda bilateral negotiations. Our farmers were left dead. But when Museveni went for a lecture at Kenyatta University, the students did not chant “Take back your sugar, milk, poultry, eggs,tiles & dry port” Instead they shouted “Bobi Wine!” – Moses Kuria.

Bobi Wine

The Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala has the same sentiments as Moses Kuria saying that the deal that Kenya got is not worthwhile to the sugar farmers.  Moses Wetangula on the other hand says the deal is not going to affect local production and is in support of it.

Cleophas Malala,Kakamega senator

He insists that Uganda should not be seen as a competitor but a compliment. The deal between the two countries has not been received well by Kenyans who echo that Uganda will benefit more as compared to Kenya. President Uhuru Kenyatta even went ahead and gave Uganda land in Naivasha for them to use it to build a dry port where their cargo can be stored.


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