Top Store At The Hub,Karen Denies Selling Counterfeit Products

Madora stores

Counterfeit goods of estimated 1.5 Million worth of have been nabbed at the popular high end store Madora which has its outlets situated in The Hub Karen, Westlands and Two Rivers Mall.

Madora stores in Kenya

Madora Kenya
The Madora stores Logo

The products which are usually very expensive, are believed to be as of cheap quality like those found in Dubois rd. in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

A client of that store had previously complained about a perfume that he bought from the store, that was apparently filled with water, on asking for a refund, the client was thrown out and none of his complaints were addressed by anyone from the store.

Madora has come out to defend themselves claiming that the goods that they sell are of high quality and not substandard as alleged. The store claims that all their products can be traced through the unique bar code that each product has. 

No one has been arrested in connection with the incident either and the police are still pursuing the matter

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