This is how scientists fooled you the earth is round

A scientist in London has done a research and found out that scientists fooled everyone into believing the earth is round.

A conspiracy theorist from east London outlined his far-fetched view that the earth is actually flat.

Safvan, 23, is part of a growing community of flat-earthers in London who share the same belief we are being fooled by scientists.

India-born Safvan, 23, is a bilingual science graduate who holds some rather outlandish views about our planet.

He is part of growing online community that rejects conventional wisdom that the earth is round – much to the bemusement of everyone else.

The masters student says he first realised that the world was flat when he was 18 and studying the properties of water.

“Water couldn’t curl into a ball like that,” he told MyLondon . “Even with gravity it’s impossible.”

“I have done my research for a very long time,” he said.

Safvan explains that if the size of the earth is what scientists say it is, then there must be a certain amount of curvature in the globe per mile.

With that amount of curvature, it should be impossible to see the Chicago skyline from the opposite side of Lake Michigan.

“That’s a really famous example in the flat earth conspiracy,” Safvan explained.

Like many flat earth theorists he uses YouTube to further his knowledge on the subject.

“YouTube is the main thing. A lot of people are turning to flat earth because of YouTube.”

Safvan believes that Antarctica is not at the bottom of the world and is actually the whole way round.

That means at the edges of the world, the seawater is held in by a giant wall of ice.

“Why do you think only researchers are allowed to go there?”

He appeared stumped when asked why no flat-earther has ever just taken a boat to go and see it for themselves.

According to him, the Illuminati – a mythical secret society of global financiers and politicians – is responsible for keeping people in the dark.

“John F Kennedy – he used to talk about the Illuminati. And Michael Jackson.”

“In JFK’s last speech he spoke about the ‘people who control the world’.”

He believes NASA is an multi-billion dollar hoax designed to convince people that the earth is spherical, and in addition, he also thinks that the moon landings were faked.

He said: “They can send Neil Armstrong in space in 1969. Why don’t they send people to the moon in 2019? Why don’t they send astronauts towards the moon right now?

“The photos from space are CGI.”

Safvan claims that the video of the moon landing was removed from NASA’s website when people started to catch on.

A common aspect of flat earthism is that subscribers are often religious and Safvan is no different.

Image result for Safvan earth is flat

He believes God created humans and the theory of evolution was invented to encourage atheism.

“We were not monkeys,” he said, “If we were not made by God, then why are we the only animals on earth who can reason?”

The fact we are taught geography with a globe from a young age shouldn’t stop us from realising the truth, Safvan says.

People think i t’s crazy you know, most other people mock us,” he said.

“They make us seem like fools or stupid. I don’t care about such things.

“Normally after two or three conversations they start to understand.”

“There’s a lot of people getting into flat earth in London,” he adds.

Perhaps one day the history books praise the genius of flat earthers who realised the truth.

Unfortunately for Savfan, today is not that day.

“I think I’m lucky to have realised,” he says.

Is the earth flat or round? Share your views.

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