Gov Sonko to burn in Polycarp Igathe fire in risen scandal

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Power is highly addictive and sometimes leaders get drunk in it and start making decisions that end up being questioned by many over the sanity of their ideology.

Currently in trouble is Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko as the Senate has issued a proposal seeking to have him summoned to appear before a select committee after allegedly breaking several laws pertaining to devolution.

Sonko stood accused of running the Nairobi County Government against the stipulated laws governed by the Constitution of Kenya. 

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“Sonko had contravened Article179 (1) (2) of the constitution and therefore should be summoned to shed more light on why the county government has operated with a county governor for 15 months.,” stated Nairobi Senator Johnstone Sakaja.

The Article highlighted by Mr Sakaja in part stipulates that the power of the county is vested in, and exercised by, a County Executive Committee comprising of a governor and his deputy.

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Sonko’s decision not to appoint his deputy for over 15 months since the resignation of Mr Polycarp Igathe formed a major part of the heated discussions.

“It was inconceivable that Nairobi City County has a vacuum in the office of the deputy governor until the next elections are held,” Senator Sakaja asserted.

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