Drought Management Authority boss in hot soup for borrowing Ruto’s remarks

This year, Drought has caused more harm on several parts of the Country. Deaths have been witnessed in Turkana and Baringo Counties as a result of hunger.

However, Deputy President Dr William Ruto came out arguing that nobody has died as a result of hunger.

Several government leaders had to start going by the same remarks, with a chief in Baringo almost losing his job for admitting that deaths had occurred!

However, DP Ruto’s remarks have landed the National Drought Management Authority CEO James Oduor in hot soup. On Thursday, he had a difficult time before MPs for saying no one has died of hunger in Kenya.

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Oduor appeared before the Social Welfare Committee to speak about the current famine in many parts of the country.

“On behalf of Kenyans, look at me in the eyes and tell us that nobody has died,” Homabay woman rep Gladys Wanga said.

The committee chairman Ali Wario expressed displeasure with the “casual manner” the CEO was treating the matter.

“We are talking of people who have lost lives. Just two days ago, we were in Baringo and people showed us the graves,” the Bura lawmaker said.

Oduor, however, maintained that no single death could be directly linked to hunger as claimed by the media.

He cited a report dubbed County Steering Group by Turkana county which indicated that no one died of hunger.

“I have no other report other than the one from the team on the ground that confirmed that no one has died. If I tell you that someone has died, which facts will I be relying on?” Oduor said.

 “People have died and you come here with good English…this is an emotive issue that you must take seriously,” Wanga interjected.

“Media reports indicate that people have died. Have you gone to any extent to establish the deaths as reported? Apart from the report by the county team, have you gone to the ground and done your own assessment?” she said.

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