Thousands of Morocco teachers set to lose jobs for striking

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It seems like the Kenyan government is not the only one with a knack for threatening striking civil servants.

Morocco has now passed a warning that it will be sacking thousands of teachers who have been on a four-week strike now, alongside their trainees.

The teachers have been demanding their integration in the civil service as employees of the education ministry. This they perceive will improve their job security including better retirement pensions, but the government won’t heed to their calls.

The country’s education ministry said that the teachers should “stop disrupting public education”, claiming that they have deliberately chosen to leave their jobs without notice.

“After four weeks, we can no longer call this a strike. This is rather leaving a job without notice,” said the ministry.

The protesting teachers have left 7 percent of Morocco’s 7 million students out of school, according to a Reuters report.

Some 55,000 teachers out of 240,000 in total have been hired on renewable contracts by regional education delegations since 2016 to address overcrowding in rural classrooms.

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