Shocking! Woman dies of husband’s big ‘banana’

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Rarely are cases of people losing their lives because of bedroom matters not unless the death is triggered by another cause and dies during intimacy. A man mourning the sudden death of his 23-year-old wife was forced to show cops his penis after his father-in-law claimed it was so big it had killed his daughter during sex.

Cops brought the son-in-law, named only as Barsah, in for questioning and asked him to show them his penis in front of his late wife’s grieving relatives, only to discover it was of normal size.

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Nedi Sito, 55, of the village of Maron Kidul in the Maron District of Indonesia’s East Java province, had called police following the sudden death of his daughter Jumantri.

The young woman was found dead in her bed, after suffering an apparent epileptic fit during the night. Mr Sito had heard rumours his son-in-law accidentally killed her during sex with his huge penis and reported it to police.

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Barsah was then asked to show officers his genitals with members of the grieving family and village officials looking on as witnesses. Probolinggo Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Riyanto said: “After seeing directly the genitalia that was thought to be over-sized, it turned out to be of the standard size.So right there and then the father-in-law dropped the report and they apologised to each other.”

Mr Sito says the family has now accepted Jumantri died from epilepsy, which she had suffered from since the age of 14.

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