Kenyan Gospel artist narrates how he was initiated into cultism while in primary school

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Everyone has a dark past, just like anyone else, Gospel artist Nelson Namanda has reveal his horrible dark past before he got saved.

Nelson who might not be familiar to many openly revealed how he got into cultism and finally out, with his life intact.

Appearing on a show aired on Ebru TV, the singer narrated how he was initiated into a cult when he was just a primary school kid and how he was forced to sacrifice his toe for a ‘promotion’.

According to the young lad, he was recruited to the cult by an old woman she met at the river unknowingly after greeting her.

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The singer claimed he started behaving strangely and followed the woman immediately after greeting her in a move that saw him get deep into the cult.

”Cultism is real, its just that people are trying to ignore it. I am a normal person like you but I was initiated into a cult(known as Chinyinga) when I was in Class Six. The cult had like 110 members,” he revealed

He narrated that all was well until one day when he was asked to give back to the cult for the countless favours it had sent his way.

Nelson added he started off on the lower level where they used to lick a snake as a way of showing it that they worship it.

The singer said he was assigned different responsibilities such as confusing people in churches while still in the cult.

The young man went ahead to claim the cult leaders asked him to offer them any part of his body as a sacrifice so as to get even more demonic powers while in Class Eight.

It is then when he voluntarily offered them his toe which was cut off and his blood given to the snake to lick.

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”When I got to Class Eight, they told me they wanted to give me a higher rank. So they told me to give them any part of my body to prove to them I was serious with the cult.

So after much thought I decided to sacrifice my toe because I knew no one will know about my missing toe,” he added

. According to him, the process was like an initiation to a higher rank. Nelson claimed he became more powerful after sacrificing his toe.

”I became a beast after the sacrifice. My spirit could even go to Busia and do all manner of atrocities while I am in Nairobi,” he added.

The musician, however, ditched the cult and turned to Jesus.

Here is his full narration,

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