Why you shouldn’t look at yourself in the mirror everyday

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How many times do you often wish to hold a mirror and confirm if your look is okay as you proceed with the day.Its normal to be self conscious but its dangerous to be a slave of appearance.

This often affects mood and self-esteem in unnecessary or fun situations that can damage a beautiful personality.Well here are important notes to remember just so you are held captive by the mirrors.

1.You can act how you feel, not how you look

When you look down at yourself from where you’re standing rather than glancing in the bathroom mirror, everything usually looks pretty great. The dress matches the boots, your hair is doing its usual thing, and your face feels the same as it did when you washed it that morning

By not taking the time to step back and critique every little thing you wished was different, you get to feel the way you do when it’s just you and your pajama pants

2.You wont stress the small stuff

By not staring at yourself in the mirror, you train yourself not to stress the small stuff. If you come home and notice you committed a faux pas, oh well, it’s over and done with now.

3.The more you look in the mirror,the less you look around you

When you’re constantly checking your reflection, all your energy ends up being focused on keeping up a certain image.Just let go and join in.

Look up at the buildings and notice their lines.Peek at strangers and wonder what their story is.

4.You forget to be self conscious

Some days you’re going to look like Satorialist material, and other days you’re not. If you’re not constantly glancing in the mirror and being reminded this is the day you aren’t, you simply won’t remember to beat yourself up about it.

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