Turning the other cheek! Watch the most brutal slapping sport ever

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Krasknoyask, a city in Russia, recently hosted the country’s first ever amateur face-slapping championship.

The competition had participants slap each other across the face until one of them got knocked out.

The controversial event was held during the Siberian Power Show, a popular sports show held in Krasnoyarsk on March 16 and 17.

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A similar competition took place last year in Moscow, but it featured only professional athletes competing for the unofficial title of most heavy-handed face slapper.

This time, organisers decided to give amateurs a chance to prove themselves, so anyone willing to engage in some manly face slapping was invited to sign up.

Most of the participants were people who had come to attend the power show and decided to try something new. It’s fair to say that some of them didn’t know the world of pain they would be experiencing at the hands of a mountain of a man.

The rules of this amateur face-slapping championship are still a little unclear, but from what came across from various Russian sources, competitors faced each other across a small table similar to the ones used in arm-wrestling competitions, and hit each other across the face with the palm of their hands.

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Since being posted online, the video has racked up nearly half a million views and had people question the motive of the contestants.

One person simply commented: ‘Why guys why?’

Another added: ‘After listening to a podcast about trumatic brain injury and how it affects neurodegenerative diseases, this seems like a really bad idea to me’. 

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