No Gay Scenes in International films for China

Scenes from bohemian rhapsody mentioning freddie mercury’s sexuality have been cut in china.The Queen biopic opened in a select number of arthouse cinemas in China last week.But six scenes were slashed, leaving several gaping holes in the plot.They included any use of the word gay, Freddie kissing another man and his Aids diagnosis.

Feili Xie, a 28-year-old gay man from Beijing, said: “It is seriously and obviously out of context where many scenes in the film didn’t make any sense at all. The whole film was about telling the audience who Freddie was, and sexuality was a very significant part of his identity, which was completely removed.

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“We all need to be recognised, and we have tens of millions of people from an LGBT background in this country.”But the censors consider us as a ‘special group’ of people, whose stories are not allowed to be told in films, on the TV or even in some books.”

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