How Billionaire Jimi Wanjigi is Masterminding Ruto’s Impeachment

In what is a classic case of ‘give a dog a bad name and then hang it’, MPs allied to Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are mooting a scheme to impeach William Ruto after satisfying themselves that they have sufficiently, permanently, irredeemably and terminally tarred him with the graft mark

.This even as MPs allied to Ruto cry foul and say there is discrimination in the supposed war on corruption whereby some looters are given a wink.
MPs in ODM, ANC, Kanu and those elected as independents are in the loop.

Sources intimate that when Raila and Gideon Moi met at Lord Eroll restaurant in upmarket Runda estate in the capital, the plot to impeach Ruto featured as one of the ways to cut him to size politically and scuttle his dreams of succeeding Uhuru when he leaves the throne after his two terms come to an end in 2022.

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To complicate matters for Ruto, the argument in the corridors of power is that no vice president has managed to succeed the president while still alive.

There is always a first time though, Ruto people have been comforting themselves saying that Ruto will break this jinx. Vice president George Saitoti was shunted aside in the Daniel Moi 2002 power game. Vice president Moi succeeded Mzee Jomo Kenyatta because by then, Kenya was a one-party state and the old man had died in office.

During the Narc regime under Mwai Kibaki, Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka was shortchanged in the Kibaki succession race in 2013. Now, eyes are set on DP Ruto, Uhuru’s deputy to see if he will debunk this as this as superstitious fireside banter.

ANC party secretary general Barrack Muluka let the cat out of the bag when he asked Uhuru to fight corruption. To them, Uhuru is sincere in his war on corruption but his deputy is the headache.

If impeached, according to the schemes, Ruto allies that enjoy protection in the corridors of power by virtue of associating with him will be left as political orphans and will not be able to fight state organs involved in the war as it is happening now.

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Ruto troops led by Senator Kipchumba Murkomen, Oscar Sudi, Governor Stephen Sang, MP Caleb Kositany, among others, have been at forefront in attacking Uhuru directly claiming he is using Directorate of Criminal Investigations to finish Ruto as the war on graft targets only Kalenjins.

Highly placed sources reveal that the first plot now is to impeach Ruto after schemers not comfortable with his presidency having destroyed his network in parliament by breaking his Tanga Tanga camp and the once monied sky team.

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Of late, a number of MP from Central Kenya who used to accompany Ruto across the country have slowly backed off after being reprimanded by the president himself.

We have information that the initial plan to seek constitutional interpretation on whether Ruto is legible to run for presidency in 2022 in Constitutional Court has been shelved as the impeachment deal is being worked out.

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Those involved are said to be aware that Ruto is likely to spent a fortune to compromise MPs to save him hence forming a financial team to help coordinate the impeachment process and raise funds.

One person said to be willing to fund Ruto impeachment is billionaire Jimmi Wanjigi. Wanjigi does not get on well with Ruto whom he believes outsmarted him in Standard Gauge Railway project that was his brain child.

Wanjigi has found his way back in the corridors of power and is close to Interior principal secretary Karanja Kibicho, State House comptroller Kinuthia Mbugua and other powerful forces surrounding Uhuru.

Wanjigi’s return was courtesy of the handshake politics and he has accompanied Raila to meet Uhuru. Gideon is also secretly to fund the deal knowing well that if Ruto is impeached, he will greatly benefit in the fight over control of Kalenjin politics.

To politically puncture Ruto, the schemers plan to reach out to more MPs from the Kalenjin community to give their plot a national outlook and avoid a backlash from the community in case they send the DP packing.

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The MPs from the Kalenjin community targeted to support the move to impeach Ruto include Alfred Keter of Nandi Hills, Silas Tiren, Moiben and Joshua Kuttuny, Cherangany. Kanu’s Tiaty MP William Kamket is also on the radar.

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